Get to know our variety of pumpkins

All the produce we sell comes from our own fields. The characteristic that sets us apart is the extreme care we take in the seed section, which we control and purify so that quality is increasingly our hallmark in each of our harvests.

Florfruits or Mini-muskat pumpkin

This type of pumpkin is characterised by its sweet taste. In summer, it is consumed like carrots, both raw and cooked, in salads and desserts. In winter, in more elaborate dishes such as roasts, stews, etc.
The weight of our pumpkins varies between 500gr. and 3kg. Its size allows us to keep the fruit at home for a long period of time, keeping it at the right temperature and thus preserving its properties until the moment of consumption.
They are presented in 40 x 30 cm. boxes containing 4, 5 or 6 units and can be personalised on request.

Carruecano or Basque Pumpkin

This type of pumpkin is characterised by its low acidity and pleasant colour. It is also ideal for restoration, as we are talking about pieces between 5 and 25 kg. and they come in a cardboard or wooden box.

Butternut squash

It is a less sweet variety, suitable for the kitchen in general.
They are presented in 40 x 30 cm boxes (other sizes available on request).

Hokkaido Pumpkin POTIMARRON

It is one of the so-called winter squashes, small in size, its rind is very thin; it has a redder color than the rest of its sisters and the flesh is harder. Its flavor is reminiscent of chestnuts, especially when prepared in the oven.